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    Who is CEO Suchana Seth? Who killed his four year old son, the reason is shocking

    Crime. Who is Suchana Seth, the CEO of an AI startup, has been arrested in Goa for the murder of her four-year-old son. The accused woman was going from Goa to Karnataka with her son’s body in a bag when Goa Police arrested her from Chitradurga in Karnataka. Police say that the reason for the murder is not completely clear yet, but media reports are saying that she took this dreadful step to prevent her son from meeting her husband.

    Who is Suchana Seth?

    According to Soochna Seth’s LinkedIn page, she is the founder and CEO of AI startup ‘Mindful AI Lab’. According to the information given, she has been included among the 100 most brilliant women in AI Ethics in the year 2021. The accused woman is an expert in AI ethics and a data scientist. Soochna Seth has also been a fellow in many prestigious institutions including Harvard University.

    How the police got caught

    Suchana Seth had reached Goa with her son and was living in a service apartment in Candolim area of ​​Goa since January 6. After staying here for a few days, Soochana Seth told the apartment staff that she wanted to go to Bangalore for some work and they should arrange a taxi for it. On this, the staff suggested the woman to go by flight instead of taxi because going by taxi would be more expensive, but the woman insisted on going by taxi only.

    On this the staff arranged for a taxi and the woman left for Bengaluru on the morning of 8 January. After the woman left, when the staff went to clean the room, they saw blood stains in the room and the police was informed. The staff also told the police that when the woman left for Bengaluru, her four-year-old son was not with her and she had taken a big bag with her. On this the police called Soochna Seth and asked about the blood stains in the room and the son. The woman told that she had dark spots due to her menstruation and that her son was at her friend’s house, but the address of the friend’s house given by the woman was found to be fake during investigation.

    The reason for the murder is shocking

    The police called the taxi driver carrying the woman and asked him to go to the nearest police station. A team of Goa Police was also sent after the woman. When the police checked the woman’s bag, her son’s body was found in it. There are reports that she murdered her son to prevent him from meeting her husband. The divorce case of the woman is going on from her husband. The police have also informed the woman’s husband about the incident, who is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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