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    Vivek Ramaswami withdraws name from US Presidential race, announces support to Trump

    Trending News Today. Indian-origin Vivek Ramaswami has dropped out of the race for the presidential elections to be held in America this year. He has withdrawn his name and announced his support for Donald Trump’s candidacy. Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has changed his decision to contest the presidential election after a poor performance in the Iowa Republican caucus. Ramaswami had submitted his candidacy from the Republican Party in the race in February 2023.

    At that time he was new to American politics but in the last 11 months he had managed to attract the attention of Republican voters to a great extent. Ramaswamy’s election campaign and policies are similar to those of former President Donald Trump. Ramaswamy was also raising similar issues which Trump had raised in the 2017 elections and he won.

    On Monday, Donald Trump won the Iowa caucus in the process of choosing the Republican Party candidate in the presidential election. For the Iowa caucuses, voters showed confidence in Trump, who is vying to become the Republican presidential nominee for the third consecutive time. Ramaswamy could not even make it to the main contest and finished fourth, after which he announced that he was withdrawing from the race to become the Republican Party candidate in the presidential elections.

    38 year old Ramaswamy supported Donald Trump. This has strengthened Trump’s position in the race for the Republican candidate. Let us tell you that the Iowa Caucus holds a very important place in the American presidential election process, in which party members select delegates to support presidential candidates in their national conventions.

    Vivek Ramaswamy is an American citizen of Indian origin. Vivek’s parents had gone to America from Palakkad, Kerala. Ramaswamy was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Vivek Ramaswamy graduated in Biology from Harvard College and studied law from Yale University.

    Vivek is counted among the big businessmen of America. Vivek’s wife Apoorva is an assistant professor and surgeon at Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University. Vivek had announced his candidature for the post of President in 2022, which he has now withdrawn.

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